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Tokyo Disneyland: Where Dreams Come True

January 2, 2012.

It was already a dream come true for me when I got the chance to visit Japan once again. But it became truer when I came to visit Tokyo Disneyland. It was definitely a magical playground. I don't mind going back to Disneyland theme parks for the nth time.

This day was simply a blast.  We were out for this journey for 22 hours. Yes, 22 hours including travel time from Nagano to Tokyo to Nagano.  We started our journey 4:00am to be in the theme park at around 8:00am just in time for its opening at 8:30am.  We just had a stop in a 7-11 convenience store to buy our breakfast  and off to the long road trip.

Now, let's discover Tokyo Disneyland through the following photos.

Even though we were very excited, we still slept during the travel. Save some energy for this big day! Travel Tip: Like all journeys, you need to have a good rest. But you should get extra rest for this one. It's a very long day with thousands of people fighting to be the first.
During the 4hr road trip
The Tokyo Disneyland Map:
Travel Tip: Make sure to get your map at hand and plan your route inside the park. You don't want to waste your time by doing back and forth because of the attractions not visited when you pass the place. Make sure to consider live performances as well!
Tokyo Disneyland Map
Travel Tip: Get your cameras ready because you will be welcomed by Disney Characters - Mickey Mouse and friends, Disney Princesses, and even supporting Disney characters will welcome you, depending on the day and season. 
Mickey Mouse garden
Right after the main entrance.
Cinderella Castle:
Travel Tip: Stay tuned until late at night to witness Disney in the Sky fireworks display behind the Cinderella Castle. It's a Dream Come True!
Foster Family with Cinderella Castle
The person behind everything
Cinderella Castle
Tokyo Disneyland Grounds:
Travel Tip: Wear clothes that are suitable for the season. It's an open park and therefore very cold on winter season and very hot on summer season. Don't spoil the trip due to the weather. We went there on a cold winter season at 5º ~ 10ºc.
World Bazaar: It's the shopping area
Tokyo Disneyland grounds
It's simple clean
Even ice cream carts are in Disneyland paint.
Disciplined Tourists:
Travel Tip: Try to be as civilized as possible. Don't get yourself into trouble but cutting lines and spaces. Everyone wants to get their spot in front so be as early as possible in all performances if you want to get the best view. The live performances are the highlights of Disneyland. Make sure to watch it!
While waiting for the Disney Parade
Disciplined Tourists
Souvenir Shops:
Travel Tip: If your planning to give Disney apparels as souvenirs, think again. Unless you can afford it! It can be a good remembrance for yourself but to give out to others is another story. A keychain might cost you 5~10USD (Php200 ~ Php400) each!
Main Disney Shop
Look at the prices
Disneyland at Night:
Travel Tip: Don't forget to get a snapshot of Disneyland at night as well. Disney Characters might not wander around anymore but the lighting and scenery is just amazing!
Main Entrance at Night
Cinderella Castle at Night
Tokyo Disneyland Hotel 
Making our way out
As mentioned earlier, we travelled for 22hrs so we arrived home around 2:00am. We left the park around 10:00pm and started out another 4hour road trip back to Nagano. We stopped for a while in the expressway to get ourself some hot coffee and chips as we continue our journey back home. Obviously, we were very tired but it was all worth it.

I had my share in Tokyo Disneyland. But would definitely want to go back there. Looking forward for more "Dream Come True" moments at Disneyland.

Another must-visit park in Tokyo Disney Resort: Tokyo DisneySea: Where Adventure and Imagination Set Sail. Travel Tip: Grab the 2-day passport if you are planning to visit both resorts for 2-consecutive days. You may choose to start in any of the parks.

To know more about Tokyo Disneyland's ticket prices, park maps, park hours, transportation and others useful information, you can check out my post: Tokyo Disneyland: In Detail.

I also talked about Tokyo Disneyland's Live Performances and you can check it out here: Tokyo Disneyland: A Whole New World.

Indeed, it's Where Dreams Come True!


  1. wow i miss japan! gosh nung pumunta kami dyan ilang lang nasakyan ko rides sa dami ng tao! pero ang dami pala gusto makapunta dto,ako hindi ko naisip yun dati,actually hindi ko nga feel eh,pero now gusto ko na balikan with my daughter! congrats dream come true =)

    1. Hi Ate Abeng! I miss Japan also! gusto ko na rin pumunta ulet. ahaha. I think okay lang kahit wala masyadong rides, mas okay ung live shows and parades. A must-watch in Disneylan parks. balik po kayo kasama na si daughter! thanks po :)



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